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Working at Eosta

Working at Eosta

We ask for professionalism, engagement, and responsibility. But energy and fun are equally important! The Human Measure is central to our approach: we try to see each other's unique potential, work with each others imperfections and together create an achievement that we can account for towards man, company and society. 

Core values

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An inspirational message from the board

Eosta is a passionate group of people who are true to themselves and who only wish to be held accountable by what is in their heart. We dare to choose for social idealism as well as commercial realism, for what is fundamentally important and not just urgent. We believe in authenticity, togetherness and socially-responsible entrepreneurship.

Natural resources are becoming ever scarcer, yet increasing numbers of people are calling for everything from better healthcare and social justice to increased prosperity. But none of this should be at the expense of ecological responsibility. The consequences of what we do today to generate short-term profit shouldn't be a burden on future generations.

What's more, the change required lies within ourselves. As Einstein said; "we won’t solve our problems with the same thinking that caused them." At Eosta we want to be the change that we wish to see in the world. So, despite having to cope with the daily hustle and bustle of commerce and the new value-driven economy, we never forget that the how things take shape is, in fact, determined by each and every one of us.

Consequently, our ability to differentiate ourselves as a company starts with our people, with our emphasis on being open and transparent with each other. This is then reflected in the way we manage our supply chains and especially to the way we manage ourselves. It means that all our products have a unique story, are traceable and transparent, and stimulate producers as well as consumers to take responsibility for a healthy, eco-friendlier and fairer world. We aim to operate in a way that does justice to nature and mankind.

We want our people to show vision, creativity, responsibility, authenticity, initiative. We encourage dialogue and co-creation. We promote understanding, acceptance of each other's strengths and imperfections. In that way we can offer products with a mission, a heart and a conviction. So we don't just sell Nature & More products, we are Nature & More.

Eosta's headoffice in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands

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Employees on Eosta

Eostians work from the heart, something that is noticeable at the office. "It's hard to describe, but I guess it was the realisation that after two weeks I already felt at home at Eosta", says Tamara van Schaik, management assistant at Eosta since 2009.

Eosta aims for self-leaderhip at all levels in the organisation. Sander Dijkslag, product manager since 2005: "I receive ample space to apply my own vision to my work. If I see an opportunity to start developing a new product line, I'm given the space and the trust to go ahead."

"The people at Eosta are as colourful as the rainbow in our logo. It doesn't matter where you find your inspiration, as long as it motivates you to act and deliver. That's the way to bring our ideals to realisation." Mady Hogenboom, working at the Sustainability & Communication department from 2006 to 2013.


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