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Agricultural Services

Eosta assists its grower partners with a wide range of services - from getting dirt under our fingernails to financing. We provide these services in close cooperation with our daughter company Soil & More International and our banking partner Triodos bank.

Switching from traditional, environmentally harmful, farming methods to organic or biodynamic farming requires a serious long-term commitment. Eosta is especially interested in partnerships with farmers and growers in developing countries, as several of them offer purer soil conditions to start with, than can be found in most agriculturally 'advanced' (and chemically saturated) countries. In this case, lack of development in the traditional sense may be a great advantage. Eosta is keen to help owners and tenants develop 'virgin' land that has only seen traditional agriculture, for the global organic market.

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Social responsibility
Sustainability also refers to long-time partnerships and conditions. Eosta therefore frequently initiates and supports social development projects around suppliers. With our grower partners, we make suggestions on improving living and labour standards for their workers. This strategy has proven very successful in attaining our aim of sustainable production of high quality products under socially desirable conditions.


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